The 13th Aspect

A Time To Let Go

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Tarot spread of ten of wands and death reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022 edited
Waning Moon Phase 2022

Death waits for no one!

It comes knocking at the door and no amount of money, jewelry or blessings from God can stop the endless process; it is inevitable. Nature has a way of giving birth to fascinating trees, plants and people of all kinds. It also has a tendency to take that what we think we know, beyond the realm of life. Diverting our acknowledged moments to question our own reality even but that is nature.

Tonight I draw two cards and it is not often I do this. I first drew the ten of wands which features a man carrying a heavy load of sticks. He is burdened by this load but refuses to let go; due to his responsibility of taking on a task and following it through. It is a card of action and yet completion in the tarot, yet shows a heavy burden.

The ten of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy April 2022

I have been pulling this card quite a bit over the last month and feel it’s representation of that which reflects my own endeavors. The past year or so have been a interesting road where I took on more responsibilities than I should have. I let go of some very important points in life that I missed; causing me to pick up more along the way. This is my struggle and not just mine alone, as many of us today face the same type of struggle. We pick up pieces throughout our lives and it sometimes weigh us down to the point of struggle.

As the man in the ten of wands, the responsibilities I picked up cannot be easily dropped or let go. Once we take on task and follow through with such work; it isn’t easy to just leave it all behind as if it meant nothing. Time is a valuable thing and what we reap, we must sow to achieve such victory. These actions and manifested ideas do not simply go away but carry on into the next phase.

This is a part of life as well, where we carry baggage and problems into the next phase and never let go. It can weigh us down and cause us to struggle in the next phase.

Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Digital Philosophy Art 2021-2022

I chose a path that allowed me to search for questions, that needed answers. We often go through life without knowing or understanding why we do what we do. To live comfortable, we must earn that right to live. Pulling our weight and providing towards something that works. We don’t need to work for more and accumulate such wealth, that by the time we get there; it’ll be too late and that we have gained will be our downfall with death. Death is the end of our physical form but in tarot death means something more and instead represents a ending to a phase.

“As I breath a breathe, a suffer loss to old; I continue down this broken road; death approaches slowly and bold; upon the darkened abyss; the path traveled less”

Skinner J.Tyler 202w

The death card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Death 13 2022 Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Then I pull another card (since it seemed the ten of wands was always appearing) and I don’t often do this but today was different. After pulling the ten for so long, I needed to know what was causing it’s appearance so often. To my surprise it was the end of a phase and the ten of wands representated where I could go from here.


Of course, it all made sense right then and there. The death card was pulled and not just pulled, but pulled in reverse. To some this may not mean much at all but to me and my knowledge of tarot reading; I knew what was so obvious. No new phase could go on with the struggle of the ten of wands and needed to be corrected, not just observed.

Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022 for Blogancy Original Design and Content
Quarter Phase 13

The death card represents change, moving on into the next cycle or the inevitable aspect of time; always moving and always changing. This of course means anything and everything stands in the path of death. The number thirteen isn’t always a favorite by many but this card is the number 13. Thirteen is known to be unlucky to some, but to me it represents a new approach. A number outside the 12 zodiacs in astrology.

It is said Jesus was known to be the thirteenth man at the last supper but some argue it is Judas. Friday the thirteenth is also unlucky since Jesus Christ died on a Friday (which we call Good Friday; but that’s a whole other story). Then there is the Knight’s Templar (who I won’t go into detail about but most; if not all were killed during their crusade) being massacred on Friday The 13th.

For the number itself to have such reference seems consistently unique in it’s own right. The number thirteen card in the major Arcana known as Death, appeared before me.

Tarot spread during April 2022 from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
Glitched Tarot Spread 2022

The thing with this spread, this time; was the death card was reversed. Which is very unusual since I’ve never had it come up this way before. Most times, trump cards like death, the devil or another major Arcana card; hold the same significant meaning whether upright or reversed but depending on the querent, this interpretation can be a new kind of aspect. It can be unique to the specific person on a specific matter or topic.

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When I seen this death card reversed, it told me there that I have been resistant to change. Not letting go and being able to move on. It allowed me to understand that in order to grow, one much let go of negative energy that is no longer of use. Death is riding on a white horse and with the sun in the background, I see hope and love for the next phase.

Digital Philosophy Art April 2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy Original design and design content
Digital Waning Phase 2022

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