Photography Aspects

Digital World Capture
By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Today is a digital world where we spend most time online. There is a whole world out there but there is another one online. Most technology is so advance today it saves lives, while other simple technology can bend a picture, calculate math problem and provide sufficient electricity.

It wasn’t long ago, this would of been impossible but not today. I would like to share some new photography aspects with you all. Taking time to capture moments of my life and this path I am taking into the unknown.

Digital Philosophy Art April 2022
Digital Philosophy Art

Design and using technology can create some great aspects to anyone’s way of designing digital art. For me it is a different perspective on looking at a original image, then taking it; to highlight a different aspect of that image. Creating many types of images until I am able to find the perfect image that works for the blog or article I am writing at that time.

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With so many applications available and all mobile devices having decent cameras; anyone can capture great quality images. Editing is also important but with skill and technique, anyone can do it. It is quite a skill to maintain the art of photography, capturing photographs and unique images all around this world.

Digital Art by Dr. Digital Philosophy April 2022
Digital Philosophy 2022

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