Philosophical Aspects Of A Regular Day

Daily Life

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plants Growing during Flower Stagr Edited
Cannabis Grow Environment 2022

So today is April 22nd, 2022; I wake up this morning and make my way towards the bathroom. I wash my face, brush my teeth and do the usual stuff to get ready for the day. I pour myself a coffee and light a cigarette to what seems to be a half decent day. It has a certain bliss to the essence of the day.

The overcast in the sky looks like rain at first but the sun tries to break through the clouds. It shines a small amount of light to have hope for a nice day. The coffee doesn’t seem to cut it, so I turn on the pan and get some bacon. It’s not often I eat bacon in the morning but today I figured,”Why not”? I feel like bacon this morning anyway.

I like to heat the pan enough so when I start cooking the bacon, I can hear that sizzle. Cooking on a medium heat works but I usually wait about four minutes or five; before putting the bacon in the pan. It helps having things pre-heated in my opinion but everyone is different of course.

The ten of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
Ten Of Wands

The ten of wands represents a man who takes on many responsibilities. Not because of someone else but rather taking on more aspects, to prove his worth than he is able to burden. This is not done in a egotistical sense but is a way to prove to himself, what he can do and by taking on many challenges he has become burdened by taking on all these challenges. Taking on the hard work, making the tough decisions and so forth.

The thing about the ten of wands is once the man is exhausted or becomes bored with such tasks; the chores or duties do not go away. They remain in his hands until he chooses to prioritize each situation accordingly. By taking on more than is understood, we can become overburdened with such loads and over compensating.

The ten of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022

I eat my breakfast and head out to the car. Driving down the road I listen to some music and have another cigarette; knowing this of all days was going to be the day. So many thoughts going through my head; would it work out? Is there even a chance?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see how things go since that’s a story for another day. Like the man in the ten of wands, carrying a heavy load can be burdensome but it has to be carried or abandoned. Right now abandoning is not a option in my opinion.

Enjoying each day and it’s struggles, destiny and other course of events; makes life that… life. It never comes easy and sometimes, isn’t that hard. We push through and move on stronger; with faith and hope.

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