The Moon In Sagittarius

The Arrow Pierced
By:Skinner J.Tyler
Scenic photography edited

Today is April 21st, 2022 and the moon is in Sagittarius. While the moon is in this aspect, a strong happiness is upon us; with feeling the need to wander both physically and emotionally. With the feeling of something being greener on the other side, a need to move on is in the making.

You will leave behind old outdated habits thay no longer has a purpose in your life. Taking on the emotional quality of a free spirit; you and those around you will feel the strong need to break free. Moving forward; this is the time to break free of chains and move into the horizon with hopes, dreams and endeavors.

Edited sky images of sunny day 2021-2022
Sky Clouds 2022

Exploring your emotions will be a normal today as well, taking on the need to wander around; seeking out the sights in nature. You will hold your beliefs and thoughts with pride, believing in yourself (which can be good and bad given how you react to these things). Take the time for yourself and never doubt your existence or qualities.

Edited image of scenery April 2021-2022

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“Spring, blue and garden scene; the light of the sun, the evergreen

Skinner J.Tyler 2022

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