The Country Side

Beautiful Scenery

By: Skinner J.Tyler

The country Side Photography 2022

I always say exercise is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Getting up in the morning, having a well-balanced breakfast and going for a nice stroll can ease the mind and help you physically.

Doctors often say exercise can be good for your physical health as well as your mental health. I also find the sights are spectacular as well. During my last daily stroll, I managed to capture so amazing images.

As you can see the walk didn’t only allow me to exercise but allowed me to see many great sights. That’s the true beauty of venturing outside and having a look around; “you never know what you might find in your backyard”.

So get up, go outside and wander; there is a whole world out there for us to see. I like to listen to music when going for nature walks and find upbeat music to be the best. That doesn’t mean you have to do this since the nature out there has many types of sounds and music as well. So enjoy the sunny days and never forget what a nice walk can do for you.

Edited scenic view 2022
A walk outside 2022

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