Health, Wellness & Happiness

The Overall Achievement
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Scenic View Photography 2022

What is it about the day, that makes us get up and go? What is about our drive to get out and breath the fresh air? What attracts us to such beautiful sights?

For millions of years the human race as moved forward. Trying harder to make our backyard a comfort, tranquil, peaceful home. One we can call an overall achievement for ourselves and those around us. We try harder even today to find peace within ourselves and with those around us. It is a challenge we all endeavor and overcome when facing challenges.

The tree outside edited during April 2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy
Spring Tree 2022

Nothing brings out the spring like new images capturing the wonders of it all. Fresh leaves growing on the trees, as the grass starts to poke it’s way up above the cold soil. It is a season where new opportunities, new adventures and new hopes can take place. It is a season for new beginnings and with the eclipse upon us, we will see a galactic alignment during April 3oth, 2022.

Edited scenery image from April 21st 2022
A Black And White Scenery View

So why not get out there and breath that fresh air, take in the sights that nature offers and get that exercise. It’s been a long couple of years with COVID19 having us isolated, afaird and worried about each other and for ourselves; our own well-being. This is the time to get out and put our minds at ease.

Getting away from the mobile devices, television sets and so on; can help us clear our mind. Not only does walking help our physical health, but it can help our mental health as well. It clears our minds and aligns ourselves with our bodies (plus burning that extra snack you had earlier). So get out there while you can because it is a part of living healthy. Breath in the fresh air while we still can and enjoy the sights nature has to offer.

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