Then There Was Sunshine

Being Positive

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Sunshine 4/20

Some days start off with the gloomy appeal of rain, fog and overcast. The fog horn sounds in the distance, cheering the fog into glory it seems. The ground needs water; as me and you drink and thrive our throat with water. So does the plants, trees and animals alike.

Original scenery photograph April 2022
Scenery Image 2022

Most of my blogs have edited images of the scenery but today after taking a long walk outside my comfort zone, I managed to capture some photographs I felt weren’t necessary for editing. The gloomy day peaked sunshine after all and with positivity, came the rays of light (vitamin D can do wonders for our well-being).

Spring is in the air with a puddle of water
The rain puddle

Spring is here and with that comes the rain. As you can see, we got a nice amount over the night. With the raging wind and rain coming down hard; the sunshine was nice to see.

Scenery original photograph 2022

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