It’s A Rainy Sunshine

Rain, Rain; Go Away

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Rain clouds photography

There are days where we wake up and the sun shines into our life. The bright light waking us up is magical and fulfilling. Then there are times, we wake up to the rain pelting on our window; with the sound of wind blowing off the house.

It Can’t All Be Sunny…

Today I hear the wind blowing up a storm with the rain coming down hard. A fog horn sounds in the background as this gloomy day begins. I can’t complain of course; the last couple of days have been sunshine and warmth. I enjoy the sunshine but it is nice to see the rain too.

Sun peaking through the clouds photography

Without the rainy days, there would be no sunny days to look forward to. Now that the sun has moved out of Aries and into Taurus, we can expect a more focused approach on material things. The spring is in the air and nature becomes a normal during this time of year.

Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022

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