Happy 4/20

International Cannabis Day

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Cannabis Plant in flower stage
Cannabis Plants

To everyone out there who celebrate the holiday; I’d like to wish you a Happy 4/20. A day where cannbis is celebrated all over. Whether your a cannasoraus, grower or enthusiast; this is the day for celebration.

In this blog, I would like to feature some of my plants I’ve taken the time to grow over the last season. They started off as seedlings and with the proper care, they are now ready for budding. I say good morning to them when I wake up and good night before lights out. I find talking to these fine ladies have helped their growth, in a positive way.

Cannabis Plant growing in the vegetation stage of the cannabis grow cycle 2022
Cannabis Plant Edited

Now with proper care, came proper circulation of fresh air that both acts as a supply air and exhaust air. This gets rid of any old air, which the plants don’t like. So proper air circulation is a must when growing cannabis. I set up my own system, where I draw air from the outside via the basement vent. This saved me on buying a circulation system on Amazon and it provides absolute fresh CO2. The plants love it, as you can see from the photographs.

Cannabis Plants during the flower stage
Cannabis Plants 2022 Flower Stage

Like any other plant that you may cultivate; water and nutrients are also important. When I notice the top layer of the soil getting dry, I like to add about one litre of water (I like to leave water for two days before using). With the proper feeding times and proper nutrients; your plants are sure to thrive.

Cannabis Plants growing during flower stage 2022

So again, Happy 4/20 and enjoy the spring season. If you don’t grow cannabis, all the best on the cultivation of your kind whether it’s vegetables, herbs, etc. Enjoy!

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