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The Flower Stage

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Female marijuana plant during flower stage
Cannabis Plants 2022

For the past few months I have been working on growing cannabis indoors. I bought a tent that allows the plants to grow in their own environment. The tent has vents and reflective material that allows a great fit for cannabis to grow. From seeds to plant, I have taken the proper steps to allow for proper growth over the past few months.

A cannabis plant has two sexes which are male and female. These plants are all feminized and will be showing buds real soon. During the flower stage the light in the grow environment is on a twelve hour on and twelve hour off. Allowing the plants to sleep for twelve hours a day and produce great buds. The other twelve hours is their awake time and allows for growing (not that they will be growing much during this stage but will grow a little).

Cannabis Plants during the flower stage 2022
Cannabis Plants 2022

As you can see the lighting spectrum is also set up to allow simulation of the sun during the fall months, where the plants start budding to produce more plants. Without male plants in the area, these buds will maximize growth and accelerate to a point of insane potential.

I have been studying cannabis growth for the last two years and think this grow will be a excellent procurement. I have used the best techniques available to produce a small amount of stress to the plants and also tried no stress to others. It seems like a little stress helps the plant develop more efficiently and grow more stems. This will allow for more budding on each stem, maximizing the potential of more buds in the final grow.

Cannabis plant edited for Dr. Digital Philosophy Website

I hope you enjoy this article and will be posting more updates over the next few months. Growing cannabis has also been a great experience that has opened me up to developing more potential for growing crops like vegetables and other types of vegetation.

This spring I hope to start a outside garden that will allow me to cultivate vegetables, cannabis and other unique crops. Stay tuned for more to come and check back for regular updates.

Cannabis Plant Growing 2022
Cannabis Plants 2022

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