True Heroes

Those Who Cared

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Gibbous moon phase April 16th, 2022

There has been many Artists who had influenced my life over the years. I remember seeing “Motley Crue” for the first time, live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and thinking to myself how amazing it was to see “The Carnival Of Sins”. The show was amazing and they played all the greatest hits I knew and loved.

The truth is, when I now look back to that moment; I don’t think about the band or the show they put on but I think about the people who made it possible for me to see it. I had many people throughout my life who actually cared about me and taught me so much. I was one of the lucky few who had parents who loved me and had people who cared about me.

Looking Outside edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 16th, 2022
“Looking Outside”

Those times are gone and I now enjoy a simple life where I try not to think only of myself. I try to listen more to others and understand what they feel or what influenced them to be that way. I want to help others as many people helped me in life. Artists, writers, politicians and people like this had a bit of influence on my life but the true heroes are those who were there for me.

I remember that concert because of the man who took me there. He was a kind soul and helped me through a time when I was lost, sadly I couldn’t imagine going on. He helped me see the world from another perspective and his wife was very helpful as well. The two of them were like my second parents and to this day I haven’t forgotten how much they helped me during those dark days.

My parents have always been there for me, in rough times and good times. I am lucky to that extent, where the two of them are still alive today and help me out whenever they can. Teaching me right from wrong was the first lessons they taught me but today it seems, they teach me more about what they experienced throughout their lives and how it influenced them over time.

The king of pentacles, the star and the five of Swords are shown in this picture of the tarot from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Growing up I had my Grandparents as well, who taught me many things and loved me beyond my own belief. My Grandmother was a spiritual mother who connected with nature, truth and love; more than I realized back then. She showed me how things can sometimes look good on the outside but when we look into them; we may find nothing but hollow, empty places that are not worthy of attention.

My Grandfather was a drinker and he also taught me many things. He ended up having a stroke in his later years and seemed to talk more with me during those days than he ever did before. It got to a point where his speech was so bad, no one could understand him much except me and my Grandmother (who I spent most of my younger life with). This is where I learned to listen more and understand people by their body language, their actions and understanding beyond speech.

Tree Of Life Edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022

So I guess you can say, I learned a little at a early age; seeing things that caused people pain later on in life. Seeing how love brought people together, rather than tearing them apart. I seen how people communicate more with their body language and only say things that they think we want to hear; rather than what we need to hear.

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For me; I had many great teachers in life and I never forget them, even to this day. I find myself searching for more but that’s all part of this life. Understanding others and learning about our true selves; over and over until we reach the end. It is here we learn to accept what is and reflect upon our past; which can reflect back on us the good we done over the years or everything else.

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