Blog #200

Why Isn’t Good Friday Called Bad Friday?

By: unknown

The ten of swords from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022
Ten of Swords

Happy Easter!

I guess some would say thay but given the current state of the world, it’s hard to say why we celebrate such horrendous pain and suffering that was of our savior, Jesus Christ; always had me thinking. They say he died for our sins but his judgment was not ours to give in the first place. Only God alone can pass such verdict in the realms of men.

I didn’t want to mention this but I am blogging my 200th blog and thought my recent discussion of Jesus would fit well. I enjoy reading about Jesus and his words of wisdom towards mankind. He was a eccentric man for his time I’m sure and given his knowledge into understanding the word of God, he probably seemed strange to many, in the era he was.

I never understood many of our religious holidays bit lately it seems our modern society has misinterpreted what is true and what is false. Today, there are many false statements and beliefs; wrapped into our culture that would shock our Lord and Savior if they seen us holding such holidays during their times of suffering and pain. I understand many will say, it’s because of this we give thanks and holiday.

Why is it though we can never seem to get this holiday right? Or even on the right day since it holds such value? It seems as though every year we experience Easter on a different day (sometimes month) every year, never understanding why. The confusion wrapped in the deceit is ungodly here and holds reason towards the event being scattered around, with some sort or hidden understanding to why this is done.

The eight of cups from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck April 15th, 2021-2022
Eight of Cups

Another strange coincidence during these times of holiday is why we call the crucifixion of Jesus Christ “Good Friday”? Why would such words be used to highlight a holiday of great value since the pain and suffering inflicted hete should be known as bad. Why not call it Bad Friday?

The words can sometimes be misunderstood or misinterpreted but it is this type of manipulation on the belief of God, that causes confusion in such areas; leading to disbelief and unholy worship during the wrong date of such holiday. This type of manipulation is easy to spot and is used to trick and deceive many into thinking he(Satan) is God(Almighty Father).

Satan will not do this with struggle and dedication but will use lies, trickery and evil forces to manipulate man into believing he(Devil) is God(Holy Father). Satan has always wanted the love of man and was thrown out of heaven due to his need to be satisfied and valued. Envy can be a misery if not accepted and understood.

Candle Light April 2021-2022
Good Friday

Why is it that most of our culture and holidays are celebrated on the incorrect dates? Why does many of our religious institutions seem to hold a darker tone? The Vatican is not short if this, as many believe there is some other type of influence there and not one of God’s or Jesus Christ.

So every year we descend further into our own chaos by holding celebrations during specific times not understood or outlined by The Lord. There is more disbelief in religion today than there ever was and this is by design. With pieces of the word being left out or mislead into a understanding that it does not exists but the word is the truth.

The tree outside April 2021-2022 during Easter

Today’s society can feel the trickery and evil that exists in this world, sure it is all they believe because it is all they have ever seen. This is due the manipulating and deceitful deals being made for money, fame and everything anyone could want in life but it is only material. Our soul has the ability to be strong and overcome the darkest days, thinking about the harm one can cause upon neglect and ignorance or even greed, will surely cause our downfall into darkness, abyss or even hell.

There is a greater being and he is all knowing, he cannot be fooled and his house is in heaven with his son Jesus Christ. Take time for listening and time for understanding others, not just ourselves. Follow the path that is truth and the word knows no other but truth, which is our gift from God. God gave us the ability to understand and see the word but there is much more to understand before we go there.

Stock Photography of the cross our Lord died on
The Cross or Rosary


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