The Querent’s Interpretation

The Last Divination

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Tarot spread during April 2022 using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Tarot Spread 2022

During April 14th, 2022; there is a tarot spread laid out for interpretation and discussion. The first card turned over was the King Of Pentacles; which represents a caring man who sits on his thorne; although the thorne is not inside castle walls, he is able to enjoy his seat amongst nature and outside world. This is without fear or worry due to his overall accomplishments with earth.

The King sits proudly upon his chair, that is intertwined with nature itself. The king is not using a subconscious mind but rather; a conscious mind that worked towards achieving his thorne and pentacle. His material gains are real and can be touched, seen with his very eyes. He looks upon the pentacle with assurance because he knows his faith in earthly materials are real. His source of knowledge and experience comes from the suit he bears that is the pentacle.

Gibbous moon phase 2022
Gibbous Moon Magic

The king of pentacles represents abundance in a father like figure that offers security, generosity and wisdom about his suit. This figure may have power which is expressed by the thorne he sits upon; along with the crown the king wears on his head; always reminding him of his responsibilities and duties to his suit. A sense of stability and security will manifest upon experience with the card.

The tree of life edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022

The next card in the sequence of this tarot spread is The Star. The star is number seventeen in the major Arcana sequence of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. The star has a way of knowing how to use the subconscious mind to create ideas that allow you to manifest reality as the woman pours water into the puddle of water, as well as pouring the water on the earth. This brings fantasy into reality by highlighting earth as well as subconscious mind.

The star represents a time for faith and rejuvenation; allowing past worries and experiences to fade away from your reality. Trust in yourself as well as a higher power; allow hope to enter your life. The star is bringing your positive ideas outward into reality so be focused.

Blue light bulb shines is edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2022
Tarot Card 2022

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The last card in the sequence is the Five Of Swords which represents betrayal, deceitful events that can have a tendency to destroy any alliance or partnership made throughout the passing phase. Winning and total victory will cause you to lose sight of the potential someone can have in future endeavors once you label them as a enemy or even betray their trust.

This card is known to be the most negative card in the tarot deck, since it reeks of evil and betrayal. The person has no cares or remorse for the people he has betrayed. This is expressed in the card by the figure who is smiling during this chaotic event, while his companions are left behind; with only pain and suffering to embrace.

He is happy with the overall victory and will do anything to achieve such victory. Be careful with future action and take caution when dealing with people who are close to you. Don’t lose sight of the potential someone can have as a ally and not as an enemy.

Tarot spread from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Tarot Spread 2022

Using tarot cards can be useful when seeking enlightenment and truth. Looking inwards for understanding by visual themes represented in the cards. I enjoy using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck since the images are referenced quite beautifully. The meaning of each number on the card, it’s place in the sequence and the suit related to the card; all have a meaning that needs to be understood when seeking interpretation.

Edited image of sunglasses 2022
Tarot Cards 2022

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