The Gibbous Night

Intention Setting

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Gibbous Moon 2022


Gibbous Phase April 2022

Tonight is April 14th, 2022 and it is now 0909pm on my part of the world. This island has been a great place to grow up as kid, fishing in the ocean and waking to a scene unlike no other. I often remember finding myself lost in a daze, looking out towards the ocean; where the sea touches the sky.

Tonight I see the moon high in the sky but noticeable in it’s gibbous phase. The moon will soon be in it’s full phase and during this time it is recommended to keep your thoughts and intentions on positive outcomes, since now is the time for setting your goals.

The Gibbous Phase April 2022

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Sunglasses April 2022

During the upcoming days, we will be feeling lost and cloudy but keep your focus on your true life intentions. Stay positive and use mediation for leveling out your mind and physical self. This is a great way to gain some inner reflection to the soul and ensure your wants are necessary to manifest your needs.

The waxing moon is a great time to focus on our wants and needs as we move into spring. Now is the time for cleaning out old cobwebs that aren’t beneficial to you or your home. Spring is a great time for cleaning out the old and bringing in the new energy. Remember, stay positive and focused on goals you want and need.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo April 2022

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making others plans”

John Lennon

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Black and white edited moon image
Black & White Edit 2022

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