Love: Seeking Harmony

Disharmony & Despair: Disconnection
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Harmony And Understanding Image April 2022
Harmony And Understanding

I recently read a poem that someone published on WordPress and it inspired me to create a prototype poem of my own. I don’t often write poems but often enjoy their integrity and rhythm. This is my entry into the difficulty of finding a partner who is committed to working things out rather than trying to get out.

Now I understand we all have to do what is right for ourselves but it seems like we tend to give up on other people rather quickly and I don’t think this is healthy for ourselves or anyone else.

Twin flame dances April 2022
Twin flame dancing

"Disconnection, lost our first romance; time, while we did our first dance."

"She said this, he said that; and later wished, to take it all back."

"Feelings, doubts and fears unknown; has caused this couple or love, to fold."

"Despair and anguish are felt true lies; while we dance with another, another dispise."
Poem image April 2022
Disharmony and Neglect

The poem is a reflection of our modern way of easily moving onto another partner (lover) so easily, it causes doubt that there was even love to begin with. Instead of taking time to work things out or try to understand what the other person is feeling, we give up and move on; as if it meant nothing but total disconnect and disharmony.

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Scenic view outside April 2021-2022

This can’t be healthy for anyone and seems to only cause more confusion when experienced. It leads to despair and feelings of insecurities that result in total lost. I’m not saying everyone has to stick it out under all conditions but have you ever stopped and thought, “Did I really give it my all?”

Disharmony Image April 2022
Disharmony & Despair

4 responses to “Love: Seeking Harmony”

  1. I’m no poet. But the sentiment is felt.

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your time 😊👍

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      1. No worries! I appreciate artistic expression even if it’s a form I don’t truly understand

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        1. To he honest, I never really got it either but I try to focus on the rhythm of the words and the flow of the rhyme. Besides that I don’t fully get the whole concept but like every topic, I have so much to learn.
          Thank you and take care 🙂

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