The Waxing Gibbous

The Gibbous Moon

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Edited image of Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr Digital Philosophy 2022

The moon has shifted and now resides in Virgo during the next two and a half days. While the moon is waxing, our intentions are set upon our need for upcoming phases. While in the gibbous phase, a time for manifesting is during the waxing moon.

Candle burning edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Gibbous Phase

When the moon is reigned by Virgo, a need for demand and organization is the overall concept. This may go so far as setting a understanding of one’s need for boundaries and space during this time. There will also be a need for perfection and everyone will feel the need for excellence.

Be careful not to overdo it during the waxing moon, as our aspects may take on a negative tone and cause the wrong type of manifesting. This will cause us to usher in that what we may not want, rather than what we need. To move forward into the next phase, one must understand the importance of intention setting.

The tree of life highlights a image edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
The Tree Of Life

There will be efficiency and positive impact during this next phase. You may be hard on yourself throughout the whole endeavor so practice self love while experiencing this phase. The moon has huge impact on us and just being born under a specific astrological sign, can tell a huge story about who we are.

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You will use this time to consider your emotional nature and this is a good time to understand your emotions, rather than experience them. Our emotional states can sometimes lead to positive outcomes or may lead us down a dark road. Release any negative emotions and let go of the emotions that are no longer required in order to move ahead.

The five of cups from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022

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