Spring Is In The Air

Sunlight On The Horizon
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Tree and sky during the spring of 2022
Tree And Sky 2022

Today is April 13th, 2022 and upon arrival home I was able to grab some magnificent pictures. The images I captured are filled with thoughts of spring and the coming summer.

The moon is in it’s gibbous phase and will soon move into it’s full moon phase. The full moon is a wonderful time for getting so great photos and can also be used as a time for manifesting our wants and desires.

The tree outside during sunset edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022

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Just wanted to highlight some images that I captured during my day home. Spending time with my plants, trimming the leaves and feeding them allowed me to capture some amazing photos.

I also noticed how nice it was outside and decided to seize the opportunity for new photography. I find images capture a aspect of the world that words cannot describe but that’s the beauty of it all; ain’t it?

Cannabis Plants growing during the vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle 2022
Coastal Cannabis 2022

Gibbous moon phase during April 2022
Gibbous Phase 2022

Though it is spring, it doesn’t necessarily mean it feels like spring. Actually it is quite the opposite, as it feels more like winter today than it ever did. I know it takes a while before all the snow is melted and the air is warmer during the day but I am happy winter is in the rear view.

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