A Shift In Dimensions

Dimensional Transition

By: Skinner J.Tyler

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We are currently experiencing a shift in dimensions, where the world is entering a new era that haven’t been seen since 1856 and this will allow us to understand ourselves, as well as those around us. The negative energy you may have been feeling lately is due the the fear of letting go and not allowing progress to transpire.

Jupiter and Neptune are aligned during this time, moving us into a reality where our intentions can become our reality. We are welling to move forward on a new path that allows understanding of everyone. We are currently experiencing fear and the lost of past experiences that no longer affect us.

The ten of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
The ten of wands reversed

While shifting to a new era, we can learn to vibrate at higher frequencies and attract positive energy. There is too much negative energy on this planet and unless we learn to understand others, without judgement or criticism; we can then learn to understand.

Understanding is a part of becoming aware of others who are experiencing problems that we cannot comprehend. We all have our own problems and usually put others down, to make ourselves feel good. This is unhealthy and toxic towards the person, as well as having a impact on ourself.

Winter scene as we move into a new era during 2022
Become Aware

During this shift, it will take a lot of positive energy and love to transcend into a new era. A era where love and understanding can bring us all together and cause us to feel empathy for others. Understanding ourselves is understanding our weaknesses and not just our abilities.

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Tree outside edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Tree Outside 2022

Throughout our history, there has been many innocent lives slaughtered and killed. Wars have taken their toll on generations, that even the echo is heard today. Too much strife and conflict has caused chaos in this world and humanity will soon have to come together or fall apart. We have so many things to be grateful for but we go on, making the same mistakes and choosing the wrong choices.

Why is it we cannot understand the grief and pain we cause each other by falling apart?

The tree of life edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
The tree of life 2022

The tree outside is a image edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
The tree outside 2022

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