Three Card Sequence

Tarot Sequence
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Three card tarot spread during reading for April 12th, 2022 edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Three Card Tarot Sequence 2022

Tarot can be misunderstood sometimes. For most of my life I sure didn’t understand what the seventy-eight card deck was about. Many times I heard superstitious aspects about the cards and what they held inside, with each card outlining works of art that highlight our daily lives.

Instead of using the cards for divination or future predictions, I decided to use the cards to understand certain aspects of my life. They help me see perspectives that I may not understand or realize due to many other reasons.

Edited image of a tree outside during 2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy
Tree Outside

There are many ways to view the cards and see what each one means or represents. Even in contrast with the other cards, the tarot can have a blunt perspective of highlighting specific areas of interest.

While looking at many ways of understanding the tarot, I find there are many ways one might see the cards or view them. In contrast witheach individual, the cards can outline many key areas based upon what one can see in the card.

Tarot card sequence from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2022
Tarot sequence

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Using the images and what they represent can help you understand what key factors you are missing or understanding in your daily life. By using the cards, anyone can understand certain aspects with regards to their life upon observing the tarot.

Tree outside during April 2022 edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
The Tree Outside 2022

The ten of cups reversed represents shattered dreams and broken family causing bad relationships within the past. The joy that usually comes from being with family isn’t happening and the block is causing negative consequences for the querent and those around him. Bad relationships can cause us much strife and neglect if we are not in harmony with one’s self and those around us.

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