New Path Ahead

A New Journey

By: Skinner J.Tyler

A outside look at the sun rise during April 12th, 2022 edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
A New Journey 2022

Looking outside, into the east; I see the sun rise above the hills. Into the day, as it brightens the day with rays of yellow sun highlighting the day. There is so much snow gone and the air is starting to feel warmer already. With the temperature rising above five degrees, it is warmer than it previously was; prior to the winter.

Living on a island can have it’s advantages but the cold, along with the wind; is something no one gets use to. I admire the beautiful sun rise and have faith in moving forward, on a new path that will allow me to move ahead. Along with that, it is not just me who is moving forward but all of us are on this journey.

Candle Light burning throughout the night and edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
One Candle Light

I start feeling as though I’ve lost my way and am unable to make terms with moving on. Of course, we all walk a path which leads us to two pathways, allowing us to choose our destiny. It feels as if the choice is unbearable and there is no way anyone could choose such a path but in order to understand, we must always make a choice.

Dreams and daily events seem to intertwine into a two way dimension, that allows us to see our thoughts on a subconscious level and conscious level. Often questioning one thought with the other, to ensure the final concept is met and acquired.

The Querent views his dreams and desires bit they may not be all they seem to be
The Seven Of Cups 2022

So many choices to make and the time never ends. The process of each day is repeated over, by the use of sunrise and sunset; keeping our present moment in everlasting motion between the past and future. This is based on a concept we call time but I never did wear a watch or keep track of hours and minutes, over my course of time.

Looking out into the distance while driving to the nearby town, I see the ocean touch the sky with it’s blue color. Highlighting the scene as if it were from a painting on the wall.

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The outside scene of the full moon phase during March 2022
Scenic View 2022

It isn’t always easy or simple, when moving forward with precision. Taking everything into account and understanding the balance between night and day. The two may seem similar but I assure you, they aren’t. Understanding what we see and how we view is difficult but necessary when moving ahead, especially with everything going on today.

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