Moon In Leo

The Ending Of Leo

By: Skinner J. Tyler

Edited image of a candle burning during 2022
The Candle Light

The moon is currently in Leo and this causes a child and playful state to take effect. Under this moon there will be a cheerful tone and you may even take chances where you once didn’t. This mood will make you want to get out and reminisce with friends and family.

You will also need to feel respected during the reign of this moon under Leo. You will open up and expect to feel cherished in a way that is almost dream like in quality. Take note of who you come in contact with since not all people will feel the need to cherish you or respect you. Use this time to understand as well as be understood since this phase will soon be over.

The five of cups from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited on 2022
Five of cups

During this time of the Leo, emotions may take hold and cause a breakdown. This may be due to your egotistical needs and not that if someone else. When we give love and receive love, we are in harmony with our emotions so be wary of yourself and others. Try to let go of the ego and understand those around you as well as yourself.

Candle Light edited by Skinner J.Tyler 2022
Candle Light 2022

This is also a day where you may feel childlike and your mood will take on a children’s tone. Honor your inner child by setting free your ties to your adult image by letting go of your egotistical traits. This will ensure balance in yourself as well as in your life. Others around you will see your smile and can take on a added positive attitude towards everyone around them.

The five of cups edited from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022
The five of cups 2022

The lady in the five of cups has lost three of the cups due to not understanding how important it is to reserve, as well as gain. Though she is forgetting there is still two upright cups behind her causing her to have despair and lost. There is a bridge in the foreground that leads to a castle which means if she is able to let go and move on, she will meet a better end in the nearby future.

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We often forget that we still have pieces of ourselves that we can save but only if we let go of the lost. By moving on we can let go of what is lost and move on into our lives. The bridge represents a gap or understanding we need to gain in order to move forward. This isn’t always easy and takes willpower and strength to ensure we get through.

It may seem difficult to pick up the pieces that remain and move on but if we are able to make small steps towards a goal, we can make a great stride towards moving forward. There are times even when some aspects of our life is out of our control and we must accept what is and move on. Remember the five of cups is necessary to move forward in life by understanding we can’t lose hope due to unfortunate circumstances. Moving forward is also important in life as well as gaining something out of it.

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