Time Travel

Another Dimension Unknow

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Edited photo using Tarot Deck by Rider Waite Tarot
Another Dimension 2022

There’s a story I’ve heard many times throughout my short life and it is one that involves time travel. I remember not long ago I was watching a strange show on Netflix called “Stranger Things”. This led me to seek out more information about thos strange story and find out who came up with this.

Upon researching this topic about portals being made using strong amounts of magnetic power, I realized wasn’t that strange. If there were any chance a magnetic power could be used to draw power, how do you think it would go? What kind of events could be experienced or even understood by our species?

There are times now where it seems we should try to learn about what we have and went through before studying powers way beyond our understanding. The ignorance of this can cause massive amounts of chaos beyond our control.

Edited photograph of scenery during the spring of 2022
Spring 2022

A strange story came up today while looking around online. It involves a man who was involved in The Philadelphia Experiment and was thrown in the time flow, traveling through time and then back again.

It involves two brothers, one one named Duncan Cameron and the other named Al Cameron. They worked aboard the U.S.S. Eldredge which was involved in a operation known as The Philadelphia Experiment. This experiment involved the ship disappearing for a short period of time and relocating to another place and then reappearing again.

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Dark Moon 2022

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The man named Al Cameron speaks of many strange things while time traveling into the future. He speaks of AI controlling most of humanity and a huge super computer having most control over humanity. You can find this anywhere online but the real question is how close this story is to the truth.

This is not the first time I’ve seen a story like this as Duncan Cameron spoke of during his encounter while on the USS Eldredge. It seems like this strange story hasn’t gone away and keeps showing up. Talk of using massive amounts of energy to experiment with and find out it’s usefulness. There are many types of projects taking place where scientists study all kinds aspects using energy.

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Glitched 2022

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