A Brand New Day

Time With Plants

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Cannabis Plants edited while in vegetation stage of grow cycle
Cannabis Plants 2022

During days like this, I like to spend time with my plants. I usually trim off the older leaves that are no longer necessary for the final stage. This keeps the plant focused on sending nutrients needed to the top part of the plant.

After that’s done I feed the plants the needed nutrients to allow for maximum growth. This will ensure proper development of the cannabis plant. Of course as I previously said I want to focus on the development in the top area of the plant to ensure when the buds comes out, all the needed nutrients will go towards the buds and not get lost anywhere the plant doesn’t need it.

Cannabis plants during vegetation stage of grow cycle
White Widow Strain

I also like to give the plants plenty of water and enough nutrients to allow for proper development during the vegetation stage. The plants are about to go into the flower stage and require necessary nutrients for proper development.

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The plants are living so I find other techniques such as talking to them, saying good morning when the lights come on and saying good night when the lights go out. It seems to work well for the plant and since doing this, have seen tremendous progress with the plants. I also play music for them during the day.

Edited image of cannabis plants growing during the vegetation stage
Cannabis Plants

I find talking to the plants, along with proper care; allows for maximum growth of the plants themselves. During this development, I have allowed the plants to grow in the vegetation stage for eight weeks. They will soon be ready to leap into the flowering stage where buds will develop over time, allowing a great overall experience.

Follow my blog to find out how they turn out during the upcoming months. The flower stage will take up to eight weeks and may be longer, depending on development of the cannabis buds.

Cannabis Plant Growing during vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2022
Coastal Cannabis 2022

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