My Misled Endeavors

Two Paths

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Scent burner image edited and manipulated
Split Center

I thought I would share a poem tonight since I been feeling a bit down latly and losing faith in humanity. I find myself searching for something, find a yearning to complete myself.

“Trapped and cursed, by a dream of no despair; two paths intertwine, leading to devastation and the only way out of here”

Skinner J.Tyler

My Dad and I live together in a nice place. Right now my Father is sixty years old and works on the ships. He is having a hard time too and with old age comes other things. My father has helped me in the good times and the bad, ensuring that I have every chance to be better.

White edited picture of scent burner
White Tree Of Life

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It seems there is hope and with the right amount of change anyone can become better. It’s about sticking to goals and overcoming the challenges in your path under all conditions. I have faith and know things will work out soon.

Digital Art by Skinner J.Tyler 2022
Digital Art Philosophy 2022

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