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Scent burner edited by Skinner J.Tyler with blue and white color
Tree Of Life

During the morning I have started the day with my mediation and insight into understanding the word written long ago. With shaping the history and our daily cultural society, we are currently experiencing a shift in consciousness. This will allow us to transcend to the next stage of evolution by gaining great understanding in others.

I have recently updated the website to make the experience on Dr. Digital Philosophy more enjoyable. We added a few new images and blogs during the past couple of days.

Abstract Photography created by Dr Digital Philosophy 2022

While discussing things with friends and enjoying the morning, it is very important to me. Understanding everyone and trying to understand myself is a important task to me. I recently found growing plants to be a good process thay helps relieve stress. It gives me something to look forward to as well.

Cannabis Plant Growing during vegetation stage by Dr. Digital Philosophy

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Today looks like a great time to consider all possibilities and go out into the abyss with a taste for new ideas and experience. While writing my first book, I learned that the concept of writing isn’t always easy but it does take time to get a story right.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

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