Digital Philosophy Returns

Flashback To Dr. DJ9

By: Skinner J.Tyler & Dr. DJ9

Dr. Digital Philosophy features a flashback to Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo Original by Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

Let’s take a look back to our organization last year, when Dr. Digital Philosophy was nothing more than an idea that offered insight, vision and knowledge obtained during this querent path. There are many things to talk about and show you but lets start with this one.

Digital Philosophy is a online YouTube channel that features new techniques, new remixed house and growing cannabis indoors. Our channel can provide much-needed information and while in our first phase of Digital Philosophy, we plan on taking it to a whole new level during 2022.

Digital Philosophy Video Flashback 2022

Although we are new to this endeavor, we are optimistic about building a online audience through YouTube. Digital Philosophy offers unique remixes, edited videos (produced by Coastal Agency) and so much more. We are opened to criticism since we are new to this endeavor and encourage all the feedback we can.

Digital Philosophy Season 2

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We presented many videos but here are a couple to highlight our online web series, available at Digital Philosophy. We will be adding more content soon so check back for more. Available on YouTube and available online at Digital Philosophy.

Digital Philosophy Season 2

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