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New Photography

Scenic photo captured March 2022, edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Scenic Photography 2022

Today I’ve added a few photographs that have been edited under many different categories, such as black and white, cartoon effects and other unique edits that highlight the beauty of each picture.

Cannabis plant growing during vegetation during April 2022
Edited picture of Cannabis Plant 2022
Edited picture of cannabis growing through the vegetation cycle of the cannabis plantlife cycle 2022
Cannabis Plants 2022

Here are more images recently edited during March and April 2022:

Scenic view of moon during March 2022
Scenic View 2022
Dig sitting at the table 2022
Dog setting at the table 2022

Sketched effect uses on cannbis cultivation during 2022
Cannabis Sketch
Scenery image edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022
Winter Cold 2022

For more photos, check out our gallery where we highlight some of our favorite photos and keep the images up to date for anyone interested in Dr. Digital Philosophy. Thanks for stopping by and more on the way.

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