New Day, New Reign

The Moon In Taurus

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Edited image of scenery during March 2022 during the end of winter
March 2022

During the day, the sun will be in Aries and the ram represents ego and will. During the days of Aries reigned and especially during the spring equinox, our natural patterns will be filled with growth during this period. It is at this time when we put our best efforts forward in order to achieve our goals. It is now the time to start new projects or get involved in new ways of achieving our success during this year.

Over the next two days, the moon will reign in Taurus. Feelings of security will manifest and keeping the status quo will be necessary in moving forward. During the Taurus reign you are likely to take on a more cautious approach where you try not to cause any trouble for others around you.

Scenic photograph in black and white during March 2022. Edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy April 2022
Moon In Taurus

During this phase people will be closed minded and may shut out any need for change. Your emotions will be stable and can be used to handle any type of volatile situation, with ease and understanding.

Your emotional nature will be connected to your physical environment where you may seek some type of physical pleasure, in order to fulfill your need to be satisfied. Although, you may seek our more domestic routines in order to meet the status quo and keep up routines.

Scenic view of the sun during March 2022, edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022
Sun In Aries 2022

Our moon and sun follow patterns throughout the astrological plane that highlight our calender or even our date of birth. These movements can help us understand what is happening during these specific times. They can bring a whole new level to understanding ones self.

The star card edited in a red theme from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022
The Star

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