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A Beginning Of A New Endeavor

Journey Of The Querent
Tarot spread during March 31st, highlighting the hanged man, nine of pentacles reversed and the five of pentacles reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck March 2022
Tarot Sequence 2022

There have been years where I have doubted myself and my efforts. Letting go of anything without a money value. Today I find myself connecting with sentimental items that have been trinkets given to me by friends, family and other acquaintances I’ve met over the last 34 years. I hold these items sacred and have used these items for guidance during times of pain and suffering.

Today is a unique day and is isn’t like no other I’ve known or experienced over my lifetime. It is a rainy morning here at 444am, as a gentle cold is in the air. I set here overwhelmed and shaking from the creation that is in the form of literature.

Journey Of The Querent

I have published my very first book as of March 31st, 2022 with Amazon Kindle and through self publishing services have established my very first book titled “Journey Of The Querent” by Skinner J.Tyler. The book is about reference to a path I currently embarked on after going through events parallel with many others today.

It has always been a dream of mine, to publish a book that could sit on a shelf waiting for a reader to explore it’s misty pages. Reading over each page and ensuring there are no errors or spelling mistakes. I often read and have always enjoyed it especially after reading a book titled “Fahrenheit 451″ by Ray Bradbury. This book was strange at first but highlights the importance of books and understanding our own freedom to think for ourselves.

Journey of the Querent with a feature from Chapter one Phases
Chapter One

Tree of Life edited March 2022 by Dr. Digital Philosophy for blog
Tree Of Light 2022

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The book will be available on Amazon and entails a journey of depression, seeking new alternatives to spiritual understanding and transcendence. Using spiritual development as a means to better myself and those around me.

The shape the swinging pendulum makes is one shaped like a butterfly, called chaos theory
Chaos Theory 2022

While walking this strange, unusual plane; I have learned many new topics of interest that is unique and unusual all in one. Some call this a coincidence but I no longer believe in such matters where we swing on a pendulum extending off another pendulum that is chaotic and random with it’s progression entropy, will speed up at great rates while slowing as will due to certain swings and force of the swing in the pendulum.

The book highlights many perspectives and ideas built around our modern world. It explains how over time and through history, how our modern day is not much different than many eras before. We may think it is different due to technology improving our lives but there is not much difference between now and then.

Highlighting how some ideology has caused extreme chaos over the years and some of the men who helped society see the darkness and some who created the darkness. This book is the best way to understand a world from one perspective to another. It highlights the value of contrast in areas of perspective and what we can learn by practicing each.

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