Pandoras Box Is Tempting

Ideas and Destruction
By: Skinner J.Tyler
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We wake up, go to work, come home for the evening, eat dinner and go to bed; then repeat it again. If it seems like your life is a daily routine that entails repeating your daily events over and over; as if you were some guinea pig on a wheel, getting no where; then it’s time for a change. Not a drastic change but a change that can make your life and days into something more fulfilling.

We often end up in daily responsibilities because it takes hard work and dedication to make ends meet in our lives. If you want to eat, you need to run a farm and grow vegetables throughout the year, hoping the harvest will be plentiful and successful. Or we can earn money and buy food at the grocery store which is more convenient and causes less stress; or does it?

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In this global economy that has taken centuries, millenia and even today, has taken years to establish and is still in development with establishing a worldwide economic system that makes life easier for everyone. It seems as though the idea itself is ideal but yet what happens if we are cut off from the rest of the world? What do we do then to provide food for our children and their children? Where do we get the skills to maintain a basic cultivation of vegetables for survival?

I’m sure when the money system itself came about, it’s effectiveness was imperative when traveling routes that often had thieves, muggers and criminals waiting for some traders, who had all kinds of treasures to steal such as gold, silver and bullion. The idea of coming up with a currency that could represent the value of something rather than the item itself was a useful alternative back when the idea of currency came to replace regulatory travelling merchants with high valued items.

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“Today many people don’t even understand money is useless and represents no true value rather is a legal tender for items of value. Gold is the only true currency of value since the mineral has a rare, easily broken down consistency and doesn’t change it’s weight by much when broken down”

Current Knowledge For Yesterday’s Trade Alternatives

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As times change, so do we as people or as a society. It seems as though money is still useful today but for how much longer? How much longer will we go through history using paper currency and coins for trade in valued items like food or clothes? Even today, crypto currency is making it’s way into the mainstream economy and seems as if it will one day be our new world currency. Of course, what happens then? Once the digital world powered by electric power goes down, or something causes the internet to fail or self destruct; due to it’s inability as a A.I. to keep up with human processing due to overload. What then?

Will first off, that answer is easy and as I previously mentioned, we could resort back to paper money and coins made from minerals. Anyone could of answered this simple, realistic question but it still raises the question of ancient civilizations being wiped off the map without much evidence of how? First off, when we dive into something without knowing it or understanding it; we have no idea what lurks in pandoras box after it’s been open. Playing with philosophical ideas and manipulating them to suit our own needs may and should be used with caution. Of course, as the zero card of the tarot represents the fool and can be seen as a fool getting ready to leap off the edge of a cliff; who knows whats on the other side?

In conclusion there have been many ideals that has affected society over the years in ways that still cause damage today. A man writing a book only for egotistical means is sure to pave ruin for the rest of society on his behalf of not understanding the damage that one can do with the stroke of a pen.

“From error to error, one discovers the entire truth”

Sigmund Freud

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We are taught in school about economics and world geography but does it ever add up or become useful throughout the years. We learn all types of things that include science and math, things we are told are true and useful; yet where do we use such tools in life. They may benefit our education further in school and other areas of study but where in life do we use these techniques?

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