Struggle & Purpose

The Eight Of Swords (Reversed)

Published By: Skinner J.Tyler
Eight of Swords reversed and edited from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Eight Of Swords (Reversed)

The Eight of Swords from the Rider/Waite Tarot deck shows a woman that is binded, tied up and not quite in the center of the even number of swords that stands, stuck in the ground; around her. Even the blind fold shows the woman is blind to see what is happening around her.

This woman at first may seem trapped or indisposed but if you look closely, there is no one around; the swords are at each side of her but yet they mean no harm to her. If she could only see that the bind and position she is in, is of her own choosing and if she could only remove the blindfold, she could see the swords could be used as her own weapons. The castle behind her could be her refuge, if she would only look behind her and have courage to remove to veil that doesn’t allow her to see the obvious; the lady in the eight of swords is in her own predicament.

Reversed eight of swords from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Eight of swords (Reversed)

With great struggle and things not always being in our control as the cosmic forces are always at play, comes great revelation. When this struggle is upright and true, there comes hardships, difficulties and challenges sometimes of our own work. Unfortunately of our own making or even choosing; whether we realize it or not.

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With the eight of swords being reversed there is now come the time to break free of chains and bonds that hold us. Ripping off the blind fold and looking around to see our devastation has been one of our own making. Again, we have locked ourselves in this cage and yet we always had the key.

The reversed card calls upon freedom and letting go of inward angry that can often lead to depression or anxiety. Instead of keeping these chains upon us and being blinded by our own blindfold; why not break free from this abyss we create for ourselves and move on towards the castle in the foreground or just becoming aware of the imprisonment we have built for ourselves is acknowledgement enough.

Edited image captured by Skinner J.Tyler March 2022 of a tree of life photograph
Freedom The Tree Of Light

During times of struggle, it is hard to see the positive side of things. We are so caught up in the struggle and we forget that only we have the power to break free of restraint. This can be hard to do and this is due to the struggle we feel.

During times of trouble, it is sometimes best to use the best techniques available such as exercise. I find going for a long walk outside can help with this struggle, taking in the nature around us and breathing the fresh air. It can be very beneficial to our physical health, as well as our mental health.

The edited version of the tree of life image being shown during a candle burning inside the scent burner 2022
Tree Of Life

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