A Light For Today

Living A Dream, Lights Bright For Tomorrow
Published By: Skinner J.Tyler
Candle burning during the night while image is captured from above March 2022
Candle Burning Bright 2022

Today is March 26th, 2022 and it is now 111am in the morning. As the wind pounds the western side of the house, the sound of snow hitting the side is thundering, loud and miserable. Now many of you would think at this time of year, (being that it is almost the end of March) there wouldn’t be any sign of snow or high winds but this is Newfoundland and Labrador. This is the island where we can get four seasons in one day as Rex Murphy put it, being as the man has sure suffered our provinces horrors during the long, cold winter nights with high winds and no power.

I woke up today thinking about many wonders in life and being thankful for life’s wonderful experiences. Being alive today should be commemorated since the war and pandemic has taken many innocent lives. I am aware that it is at the mercy that I am alive and well today as many do not have this opportunity. There are many innocent people being killed in Ukraine as I write this article and this saddens my heart to think about such horror and death but it is the truth of the matter. It cannot be completed that this isn’t going on, when there is sure signs of death and destruction at Ukraine’s door step.

A candle burns the inside of a scented device used for mediation and enlightenment
Tree Of Life Candle Light 2022

Throughout history Russia has suffered many great losses during both World Wars. It is at the sheer might of the Russian Red Army that the Nazi War Machine wasn’t able to gain territory in Moscow. Hitler did not take into consideration the overall might and love the Russians had for their Mother Land. It was also the first defeat Nazi Germany had during the second World War and it gave hope to the world. Of course, this is a piece of history and should be remembered as many lives were lost during the Nazi invasion in Russia and killed millions of innocent people.

The Russians were seen as a light during those times when the Russian Army stopped the “Nazi War Machine” and many still feel their lost today. No other country suffered such a lost as the Russians have over the years of war and it brings us where we are today.

Tarot spread during March 2022 of the knight of wands, ten of pentacles and page of pentacles
Rider Waite Tarot Deck Sequence

The winds are cold with the blistering snow beating down with fierce brutality and no mercy as the weather or mother nature shows none during these times. Nature is cold at times and can warm our bones during the summer months. The winter winds are chilly and the snow is blinding (along with the gas prices being high like the winds), as mother nature howls in the night. Where is the sign of spring? Where is the warming weather that seems no where in sight?

During my meditation I clear my mind and allow the frequency of the sounds during the meditation, embracing the here and now. We are in a present moment and acceptance of what is and not what could be, is the only answer. Whether we look ahead or look behind, we stand or sit in the here and the now. Only able to glance back into what was and look ahead to what could be. What does this mean?

Instead of worrying about things that where, start looking at how they could be now. Then focus on the reality of the nature of what could be and start focusing on the nature of now in order to manifest your focus into reality. Clearing our mind usually entails us thinking about many aspects before we can truly clear. Practice time and space in mediation and you will see how clearly things can be during the present here and now.

Cannabis plants growing during March 2022 in the vegetation stage by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Cannabis Plants During Vegetation Stage 2022

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