A Day For A Walk

A Lovely Day

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Winter scene with snow and trees in Newfoundland capturing this beautiful scenery
Winter Walk

Today was a great day to get up, get ready and go for a walk. I love being able to get out on a nice sunny day, taking in the air and converging with my partner about the current times and daily events going on in the world. Getting out and enjoying nature takes time to escape from the digital world and enjoy the beautiful sky, with nature melting the snow away.

The dogs really enjoyed the beautiful day and getting the chance to sniff everything on the ground. Leaping through the snow and getting dirty is all part of enjoying the last part of March. The youngest dog really enjoys the walk since the snow isn’t causing her paws to get cold. The older dog (my good buddy) was so excited and for his age, he really enjoyed the walk.

Cartoon capture of a winter scenery view edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy during March 2022
Cartoon Scenery View March 2022

During the up and coming months, getting outside for a walk and enjoying the daily scenery is important in life. We may not always have the ability to get out and enjoy the fresh air so let’s do it while we can. Walking is a great way to exercise and also good for mental health. Getting out and enjoying the fresh air can really make anyone’s day.

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Getting outside can also be a great way to release stress and clear our minds while we enjoy the beauty of nature. I love being able to get out and walk through the great scenery while talking and enjoying the dogs with all their excitement and energy.

Digital edited image of winter scenery view in Newfoundland
Edited Photograph Of March Scenery

March scenery view of snow and trees in a edited oil painted image by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022
March Scenery 2022

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