The Waning Night

Dissemination Of Sagittarius
Published By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Edited abstract image in negative formatting the tree of life being lit by a candle inside by Dr. Digital Philosophy March 2022
Sagittarius Wands

There has been so much going on in the world today, that it can be hard to seek peace and understanding. Especially during conflict of brutal nature and destruction, laying waste to innocent lives of those who want freedom, democracy and the right to free speech (something that is becoming more of a distant memory day by day). This world can be cruel with dead children laying next to their mothers, who also lay dead on the ground while soliders overlook the bloody bodies. What does one feel at that time? The deceased cannot feel or acknowledge the soldiers who rummage through the lifeless bodies.

The world has become sooked in fear over the past few years and even before that; COVID19 allowed government to mandate lockdowns, the wearing of mask in public places (where half the time the person speaking can barely be understood unless they are loud speakers) and constant vaccines plus boosters. All of this has went on in the course of three years now. And for what? A brace for reality that we are headed towards World War 3!

Stock photography of soldiers moving forward in mock war games
Stock Photography Of Soldiers Moving Forward

As the moon spends it’s waning in Sagittarius, everyone will be feeling the need to wander and adventure around with a free spirit. There will be a restless need to venture and the true question will be, “Is the grass truly greener on the other side?”.

Exploring your emotions will come to surface during this waning of the Sagittarius moon, that usually spends about two days and a half in each sign. Emotional states have come to surface and is taking on a essence of free spirit, freedom of tyranny and freedom for peace. This emotion is strong during this phase and should be understood that as we move forward into a new era, our brothers and sisters world-wide are feeling the raw emotions with our problems in this world-wide movement.

No War stock image used to portray a message that many people feel during March 2022
No War 2022

Our opinions and beliefs will take on a strong essence during Sagittarius’s reign. You may feel protective of your feelings and making sure those around you know how you clearly feel and express these feelings. You want and need to be heard during this day as it is a necessity to feeling safe. Sometimes our sanctuary is more valuable and holds great sentimental ties than others may realize or even begin to understand.

Today is a time to escape domestic routines and encounters. Escaping daily responsibilities to venture under Sagittarius’s moon will be the normal of the day, with a positive attitude and deep exposure to seeing the glass half full under all circumstances will give you the ability to achieve your goals.

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With all the killing, propaganda and systems being broken down; now is a time to come together as one. One humanity that deserves to be acknowledged and understood. Our blood is free and cannot be spilled on this earth as it has so many times before. There is still blood stained fields from the first world War in Europe and will always be a stain on our humanity.

Tree of life edited image captured and created by Dr. Digital Philosophy March 2022
Waning Moon Tree Of Light 2022

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