Cannabis Captures

Cannabis Photography

Published By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plants Glitched Image Edited 2022

Today is March 23rd, 2022 and it is now 0606pm here in Newfoundland and Labrador. During my daily routine, that includes many aspects; I like caring for my cannabis plants and have recently found glory in snapping a few pictures of these beautiful plants. I then use applications like photo editors and other applications that manipulate and edit the images to my own style.

Today’s technology allows anyone using the right applications to edit and share content such as photography and other unique images or videos. Even using the applications on your mobile device, anyone can post beautiful photos of nature, scenic details and many  different types of images using these applications that are user-friendly.

Edited image of Cannabis Plant
Cartoon Cannabis 2022

Cannabis Plant Edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy during the vegetation stage of the cannabis grow cycle
Cannabis Plant White Widow Strain

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