New Time, New Season

Winter, Spring and Summer

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Yesterday was such a wonderful day to remember with the gently breeze and sun shining brightly, even warming the day just a little. Enough to melt the snow with gravel and gutters breaking free from the winter ice. Magnificent day I said to myself.

The winter in Newfoundland has been cold and windy, for as long as I can remember; the winters always were extra cold. That strong breeze if wind blowing below ten degrees celsius while you face the cold just to walk to the store.

Full moon shines bright during a cold morning
Cold Winter Morning

The next day it is nice to see some rain pouring down ever so loudly, chipping away at the snow and ice. Bit by bit, it melts the white fluffy stuff away; with grace. The fog begins to roll in, making the day even better since fog helps melt the white snowy stuff.

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Spring is by far the greatest season of the year, when we see that dirty-white-stuff disappear; right before our very eyes it seems. Turning to a liquid that runs down towards the drains.

The sure sign of spring is to hear the birds chirping ever so loudly, as if celebrating their start to a new season. One filled with lots of food and one that calls for celebrating; through song, dance and that making call. The call that renews our world with another generation.

The world tarot card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022
The World Tarot Card

The world has quite a way if keeping everything balanced. Even though it may seem chaotic as in the card above; without movement, where would we go? What would we do?

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