A Day To Stay Inside

Cultivation Techniques

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plants growing during the vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle
Coastal Cannabis Est. March 2022

As days come and go, the weather goes from winter to spring during the month of March. Here in Newfoundland, we get four seasons in one day sometimes. Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day where the snow seemed to be melting away. Today there is a snow storm raging with high winds and even sleet.

Now here in Newfoundland we are use to the high winds, bracing cold and loss of power due to being located in Northern Canada, on a small island surrounded by the cold Atlantic Ocean. So going outside today isn’t an option, unless there is some sort of emergency or absolute requirement to do so.

During days like this I find staying inside and caring for my plants comforting and uplifting (for me and the plants it seems). You see when I first started cultivating cannabis plants, it was for the ending result which produces flower containing THC. This chemical in the cannabis plant can be inhaled or digested to cause a euphoria like effect also known as high.

Cannabis Plant image that has been edited and features a glitch effect with  any colors
Coastal Cannabis Est. March 2022

Today it’s been a little different than it usually is. Although I use medical marijuana for medical purposes, I enjoy cultivating the plant and watching it grow. The whole process is one I’ve taken time and invested a few dollars into for a hobby. I started cultivating cannabis plants around the time COVID19 caused lockdowns and watching mainstream media ran it’s course for me at that point in my life. It was time to try something different and take on a new approach to life.

I always had an interest in the marijuana plant with it’s unique male and female sexes, which not all (if any others) reproduce this way. Of course, when my curiosity peaked during that time, marijuana was illegal to grow and possess, so I didn’t want to take any chances in growing something that could whine me up in jail.

Edited image of a cannabis plant known as the white widow strain
Cannabis Plant 2022

Over time and with new understanding of the cannabis plant, anyone within the great country of Canada can grow (except Quebec Province), posses and buy cannabis products without legal circumstances. This also produced a whole new culture of cannabis and people coming together to learn from one another.

  • How did they cultivate such miraculous plants?
  • What techniques were used during the vegetation stage that influenced the flowering stage?
  • What is the proper types of soil to use for cultivating cannabis plants?

Questions like these have been asked for years but due to the plant and it’s effects, people were not able to access information into cultivation as we are today. There is an unlimited amount of tips, techniques or even videos featuring ways of growing cannabis in today’s world. The possibilities are endless if you have the time, patience and effort to cultivate a plant throughout a season.

Coastal Cannabis Grow Operation Est. March 2022
Glitched Cannabis Plants March 2022

Dr. Digital Philosophy also features a YouTube channel which features many videos outlining techniques for growing cannabis indoors. Digital Philosophy is a new channel featuring many videos highlighted over the past few years. Created by Coastal Agency, Digital Philosophy is new, unique and has a variety of aspects for everyone to see.

Cannabis Plants growing during the vegetation stage of the marijuana life cycle Coastal Cannabis Est. March 2022
Original Cannabis Image 2022

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