Vegetative State

Cannabis Growing

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis cartoon edit of marijuana plants growing during vegetation stage
Cannabis Plants Vegetation Stage

Today is March 19th, 2022 and it is now 0303am in the early morning of Saturday. It is the end of the week and the end of our fourth week vegetation stage for our cannabis plants. Tomorrow the plants will be heading into it’s fifth week (total of 8 weeks for the vegetation stage is recommended, even 12 weeks).

It’s great to see these cannabis plants coming along so nicely. With the proper amount of oxygen, along with a proper feeding schedule and oscillating air flow within the grow environment, these girls are sure to turn out sweet. Along with all these considerations, I also made a slight adjustment to the environment. Cutting a hole in the floor allowed me to draw air from outside. The pipe comes through the tent, allowing fresh CO2 to help with the photosynthesis.

Original cannabis plants image during vegetation stage
Cannabis Plants

Although growing is legal in Canada (maximum of four plants per household as per Cannabis Act 2018), having the proper licenses for growing more Cannabis plants is highly recommended. Having the proper licenses and following the correct regulations in order to allow anyone to grow optimum cannabis in there own back yard. I highly recommend following the rules laid out within the Cannabis Act 2018, as it highlights many factors of staying within the law.

Edited photograph of cannbis plants growing during the vegetation stage
Coastal Cannabis

Another tip I highly recommend is finding seeds or clones that feature great genetics. I purchased these White Widow Seeds online from a great seed bank in Nova Scotia, Canada. They were featured on urbanremo and so far the process has been spectacular. EC Genetics or East Coast Genetics is a great place to get your seeds if your looking to grow quality cannabis product.

Cartoon edited photograph of cannabis plants white widow strain
White Widow Strain

During a full moon, a cannabis plant like many other plants will develop a better root system. This allows the plantto absorb nutrients and h20 efficiently and effectively. Allowing ultimate growth and great buds in the end.

Edited image of full moon during the morning with a cartoon effect by Skinner J.Tyler 2022
Full Moon Cartoon Edit 2022

Edited photograph of cannabis plants during vegetation stage
Cannabis Plant During Vegetation Stage

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for tips on growing cannabis and more presentations. Digital Philosophy Season 5 Cannabis Growing Canada is now live on YouTube and updated frequently with news, tips and more. Check out Digital Philosophy today!

I’ve also found some great reading material on Amazon Kindle that provides great insight into cannbis cultivation. One book I highly recommend is Growing Marijuana: A guide to growing indoor and outdoor. The book is by “Gaia McCarty” and highlights some important aspects of growing cannabis, inside and outside. I highly recommend this book and Amazon makes it easy to purchase online. Guide to Growing Marijuana by Gaia McCarty is excellent and has helped me with cultivating thus far. Check it out on Amazon today for $0.00 on Kindle.

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