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Cannabis Philosophy Photography
Author & Published by: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Cannabis plant growing leaves during the vegetation stage. Edited for a cartoon perspective by Dr Digital Philosophy
Weed Porn: Marijuana Plant

Today is a new day unlike no other, with the sun shining bright in the sky and the sky above shines bright, blue with a cool breeze reminding us that winter hasn’t gone yet. Humans are like plants in some ways but have many differences as well but I often know humans who have differences as well; only seeing the differences sometimes rather than the similarities that make us alike; while our differences make us unique.

A cannabis plant is unique since it has a male and a female sex. Not all plants are like this and the marijuana plant is one of the few types of plants with different sexes(female and male). A female plant tends to produce flowers that attract seeds from male plants therefore allowing reproduction to take place.

Marijuana Plant edited using a cartoon effect. Taken March 11th, 2022 by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Marijuana Plant Edited

Marijuana growing in a grow environment and picture edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Marijuana Plant Production 2022
Marijuana plants during vegetation stage of cannabis life cycle. Edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Pink Marijuana Philosophy

Since legalization in Canada, many people now cultivate their own marijuana plants to cut down on unknown toxins in their purchased products. Even when buying cannabis from a trusted retailer, you never know what you are truly buying but with cultivating your own plant, you have full control of what the plant eats drinks and where she sleeps.

Cartoon edited image of cannabis plants growing in a indoor environment by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Cannabis Cartoon

Cannabis Plant Growing inside a grow tent and edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Edited Cannabis Original
Cannabis Plant Growing in black and white edited image by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022
Cannabis Plant Black And White

Today i thought I would share these spectacular images with you all since such beautiful sights shouldn’t go unnoticed. These girls are growing magnificently, day by day they get taller and broader; developing more leaves. I decided to edit some of the photographs with a cartoon perspective and share them with you.

Plants hold such beautiful sights, one could understand how a plant is living; growing each day. Towards the light it will stride, closer and closer towards the plants delight. As the roots seek water within the earth below, leaves seek sunlight as it sways to and fro.

Black and white image of a cannabis plant during vegetation
Cannabis Plant Growing In Vegetation Stage

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