The Moon In Gemini

Gemini Reigns March 9th, 2022

The eight of wands during the Gemini Moon
The Eight Of Wands

The eight is a unique number that represents regeneration, change and action. During a waxing moon you can manifest your wants and needs, while the moon grows; creeping closer towards a full moon. This is now the time for regeneration and change, giving way to that which you want and not focusing on that which you don’t need.

The moon is currently in Gemini and one can expect the need for communication and openly chats. The quest for information during a waxing, Gemini moon is normal since your mood will be bright. Of course, while communicating requires a time for sharing, it is also a time for listening to others around you.

Abstract image original photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr. Digital Philosophy

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Today is a day for experiencing a broad range of emotion rather than being stuck in one disposition. The eight of wands reverse represents scattered wands of love. The need for understanding is required here and listening is key to understanding. Since the wands are reversed this can result in quarrel or jealousy.

Today isn’t a time for serious projects or undertakings since the need for social networking is a good idea. Discussion and participation is needed here when among the group you which to share your emotions with. Get together with friends and family; while sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions. You may be surprised at what you will find out here in the end.

The eight if wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck during a spread on Gemini moon
Eight of Wands

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