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March Photography

Cannabis Plant Growing inside a small environment during vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle. Edited by Dr Digital Philosophy for unique effect.
Dr. Digital Philosophy

Today I had the chance to edit a few photos and post here on Dr. Digital Philosophy. Instead of updating my gallery I decided to add a blog with featured images taken by Dr. Digital Philosophy. These images are new and upcoming during the vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle.

We have also added new videos to our Master Querent And Disciples page, available on tiktok. Along with new videos being added to Digital Philosophy, available on YouTube and currently in the new season (available for ages 18+ during the new season due to adult content featured in the new series). Our Coastal Agency website is also available now since recently updating the new website.

Tarot spread from Rider Waite Tarot Deck during a past  present and future reading 2022 March
Tarot Spread Edited

Cannabis Plant edited with cartoon editor during the vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle
Cannabis Plant
Obama edit of a cannabis plant during vegetation stage of a plants life cycle
Cannabis Plant Edited with Obama Effect
Tarot spread of a past, present and future from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Tarot Spread During March 2022

These are a series of images taken during March 2022 and were edited for effect. When creating this post I decided to edit previous pictures from the month of March. During this time I enjoyed using images of Tarot Spreads and images of my cannabis plants growing during the vegetation stage of the cannabis life cycle.

During this month we will be presenting more photography as spring unfolds and new blogs featuring new articles, new stories and new poems. Check back for more blogs and posts over the next few weeks as we will be updating daily.

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