The First Crescent

Spells And Intentions

The six of wands from the rider waite tarot deck
A man rides a horse holding a staff with a reef

Victory! This card’s meaning is clear to see; the meaning or interpretation of the image being displayed holds strength in union and celebration. Calling forth a time for gatherings a reunions but due to the card being a six, the sequence is not yet complete so it is only a minor victory but still a victory nonetheless.

As the moon rides into it’s waxing phase, now is the time for intentional action or setting. During the waxing phase our wants become more important and can be used to set an intention. Over the course of the moons phases, these wants are put in motion and deciphered between our conscious and subconscious thinking.

The subconscious and conscious mind are always in a versus type of mode where our wants versus our needs are deciphered between the two. This is done though abstract thought (or daydreaming), as well as dreams and nightmares. Our mind allows us to choose what we want and what we need.

Candle burning in a edited photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Candle Light

Through these abstract thoughts and neuro firings, our thoughts manifest our reality. So in a way, how we think and behave has a outward effect on the environment which we live in. This process has been proven many times over throughout history, as builders and architects has manifested some of the most amazing sights anyone could imagine.

These structures or architectures are not done overnight but through time and effort, along with skill and discipline; one can begin to see the impact such structures can have on humanity. If we look around we can see proof of this from such artist as Leonardo da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa.

The six of wands from the rider waite tarot deck edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Six of Wands

So while the moon is waxing during this phase and throughout the month of March, why not set some good intentions and work on your goal so when the moon enters it’s waning phase; you’ll be ready to accept the effort you put in. This also holds true with the law of attraction that staes what you out into something, along with how much is what will be returned in that exact same amount.

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