Balsamic Phase

Nightmares & Interpretation

A tarot card from the Rider Waite Deck featuring the ten of swords

There has been a lot of stuff happening on our modern day world where Russia has invaded Ukraine, the freedom movement happened not long ago and now we move into a new moon. The new moon has so much to offer and during this phase I like to meditate and reflect on the past phases. I like to think of the goals I have achieved and I reflect on the effort put forward.

I have spent the last few months embracing a new hobby. This hobby isn’t like growing plants or learning to play a new song on guitar. This hobby includes answering questions on a social media application known as Quora. It is a different hobby but one I enjoy and find questions regarding dreams asked most of the time.

I have always been in tuned with my dreams and my nightmares. I remember being younger and reading books about nightmares and how to overcome them. I guess it worked since the last time I had a nightmare, I ended up taking on a jeepers creepers type of monster.

Jeepers Creepers image of the Creeper
The Creeper

I learned by paying attention to my dreams that I can overcome daily endeavors and focus on my problems that need to be addressed. Through understanding these dreams or nightmares, I have come to understand myself much better. I now see many of my errors, many of my faults and many of my strengths (since one does not overcome a creeper so easily).

Remember during the film, The Creeper fed on fear. I didn’t know this since I only watched the first movie back in high school or maybe junior high. Either way, even after all those years I managed to think up such a creature is beyond me but I will say this: there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Splash image of a hood figure with blue highlighted face

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