Russia Launches Attack On Ukraine

Russia Now At War With Ukraine

February 24th, 2022 0838pm
Smoke and fire rises during war
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The world once again sits in shock after tensions began to rise between Russia and Ukraine. As the world watches in fear of what is to follow as Russia launches a full scale invasion on Ukraine. More information available here.

This is not the first time President Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine. During 2014, President Putin launched an invasion into Crimea, Ukraine where a ceasefire was believed to have taken place but it has been recently found that Russia is now using Crimea as a front for war.

  • Oil- has risen pass $100 a barrel causing gas prices to surge worldwide. This causes fracking and other countries to delve into oil deposits with fuel prices on the rise.
  • Currency – the US dollar rose today along with the yen and gold. Nickel and wheat has also seen a rise in the current markets.
  • Market- stick market prices collapse today in areas such as Nikkei dropping by 2% and other areas seeing drops as much as 3.1% in Hang Sengupta in Hong Kong.
  • Follow the link here for more information regarding Russia invasion.
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History has taught us throughout history that the brutality and destruction during times of war leave families without their love ones and people without freedom. It leaves blood stains upon the ground and bodies of free men and women. Tyranny becomes reality and peace becomes abstract, death will only follow.

For more information regarding Russian Invasion into the Ukraine, click the link here.

No justice No Peace
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Tonight I will be saying a prayer for Ukraine and ask for a ceasefire on the grounds of peaceful and innocent lives does not justify brutality and destruction, regardless of past circumstances.

“If we always live in the past, we shall repeat and rhyme the events of past mistakes and never move ahead”

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Why Vladimir Putin is after the Ukraine

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