Canadian Emergency Power

Trudeau Revokes Emergency Power
February24th, 2022 123am
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Freedom is something we learn throughout our lives is something we have as a democratic society. There are millions of people who lost their lives during World War 1 and during World War 2. (80,000 lost their lives immediately during the bombing of Hiroshima during World War 2). We remember year after year here in Canada that freedom comes with a fierce, bloody and massive amount of blood. Where millions of people gave their lives for the sake of freedom.

Today we see Factbook Posts being removed and people being banned from social media due to censorship. Our freedom of speech has been limited and altered throughout the years by technology.

Eisenstein said, “Technology would be the death of mankind, if misuse became the normal”. This is where technology can be useful in several aspects but can be dangerous if it is used for a dystopia society such as that in Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), Brave New World(Aldous Huxley) or 1984 (George Orwell) (one of my favorites by the way).

Within the pages of these novels are a dystopia society made up of people who only follow big brother(1984) or burn books because of the dangers within using the mind for thought or thinking (Fahrenheit 451). The madness found within these dystopia like societies are deprived, slaves and cannot think for themselves. Why? It is against the law because over the years post modern society, legislation and acts have been put in place for the ultimate use of controlling a society.

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This article explains how the emergency act has been revoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after it failed to pass the senate. The senate had been debating about the use of the emergency powers act after it was passed in the House of Commons, in Ottawa, Ontario; Canada.

Although the article explains the emergency power act has been revoked, Prime Minister Trudeau goes on about how the need for emergency power is still necessary. Instead of facing the protesters and discussing topics that are causing these problems, he once again hides behind closed door, ask parliament for more power than required and refuses to give the people he promises to help day to day, a chance to speak.

This is not the first time Trudeau has hide from answering questions. In fact it isn’t the second or the third since Trudeau even went as far to call for election last year to avoid confrontation or answering questions with regards to many scandals happening in Canada.

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Here in the North we are home of the land and free. We live in cold climates and get use to experiencing four seasons in a day. We go to work, raise families and live together in peace and harmony.

There are still many issues in this native land that has yet to be resolved or fixed. The indigenous people have been here long before any of us came to this new world. We have much to learn and much to understand with regards to culture and the native tongue.

I have been struggling over the last three years with difficult situations. I do not regret the path I have taken and feel it is important to be honest and humble. I do not agree with everything going on in this country and never have but we are trying to be better.

We are trying everyday to help improve our family lives and accomplish more than we could before. We are always learning new things and trying daily to understand different cultures and different ways of life.

We are Canada and we are always going to stand up for our freedoms, our rights and our integrity. If you can’t understand that, it is okay and no one has any right to judge you. But please, if you can’t understand something then why are you doing it? If one cannot see the pain being caused because of mandates, lockdowns and other extremes, then why would one cause more diversity?


  • 1984 by George Orwell writer of Animal Farm and many other great books available on Amazon,
  • Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury and discuss the subject on book burning and censorship also available on Amazon,
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley discuss a world based on technology ruling society is available on Kindle; and
  • Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, which is a new book I have read recently and several times also available on Amazon and highly recommended.

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