Emergency Power

Canadian Senate In Session

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolute”
Canadian Flag blows in the wind
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Canada is the home of many Canadian people who have freedoms and rights as citizens (in a democracy) to openly express their views and opinions. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau established and agreement the Canadian Charter Rights & Freedoms in Canada years ago. Throughout our lives we are taught and believe in our rights and freedoms. Yet during a peaceful protests, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (claimed son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau) decides to invoke emergency power; pushing aside the Charter of Rights & Freedoms (that his very father established).

First off, this Emergency Power Act has never been used in the history of Canadian Government since it has become an act. It allows the government to over reach areas such as bank accounts, funding and other areas of freedoms under the charter, that we have as Canadians. Since last week, this act has been passed on the House of Commons and since then has been in debate in the Senate.

The Senate is currently debating whether to pass this legislation or not. The Senate has been in session since February 22nd, 2022 of Tuesday and currently still in session. Check out this link for more information.

While the senate debates this matter let’s look at a few things first:

  • Pandemic- during this massive gathering how many people have become sick with COVID19? We are currently in the midst of a global pandemic and with this massive gathering, we have forgotten a key piece of information that we were told would cause our deaths: un-vaccinated people in mass protest without any signs of spread. Strange?
  • Freedom- in a democratic society isn’t protests a act of freedom itself? So why shut down a true democratic protests since the Liberal Government often speak of standing up for Canadian freedoms but it seems they do not practice this important part of freedom. If they are for Canadians, then why are they trying to shit down a peaceful protests. There have been no fires, no riots or no sign of disturbing the peace and yet our Prime Minister feels the need to shut it down.
  • You are what you eat- Why is the Prime Minister trying so hard to disrupt peaceful protest and yet back during the first few years as Prime Minister sided with a known terrorist by paying money for undermining Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Doesn’t this seem odd? Taking Canadian tax payer money to pay off a known terrorist and then shutting down Canadians for standing up for freedom and democracy. Isn’t this what democracy represents? A right to express opinions even under protest.

This will only cause problems and divide Canadians even more. Why can’t the Prime Minister admit he has lost control of his Government? Why can’t he stand up and admit not only that he lost the confidence of Canadian people, Indigenous but that he had lost confidence in himself as a leader. Over reaching and trying for more power will only cause more strife and divide in Canada not the contrary.

If we allow such power hungry individuals to operate, as the saying goes:

“Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolute”

John Edward Acton
Ottawa, Canada Parliament Of Government Of Canada
Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

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