What does dreams mean?

February 22nd, 2022 1010 pm
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Dreams and What they mean?

Latly I find myself answering questions on Quora about dreams. What does one dream mean? Why am I dreaming about this place? What does it mean to dream about old friends?

Other questions are more complex and require more indepth explanation to why and how it is the person is having such a dream. Many people often ask themselves what a dream means upon remembering it when waking up. This may be strange if you never remember your dreams.

As for me, I find it strange when I wake up and don’t remember my dreams. The reason for this is as long as I remember, I was always spending large amounts of the waking day telling friends and family about my dreams. Some would say, “They are just dreams”. Others would find this interesting over the years as some would say, “How do you even remember your dreams”.

Research And Phenomenon

Later in life I realize dreams are not usually just dreams. Although some may be just that, just a way of your mind clearing gutter. The conscious mind and subconscious mind work together in a “default network mode” to help you understand what is required and what isn’t. This system is setup in everyone and gas different modes given their requirements in life.

So if you heard a bizarre theory that we have two people inside of us, then this is what they mean. We all have consciousness and while we sleep (even when we are awake) our subconscious work in achieving what is best for us.

This also falls under the “Law Of Attraction” theory where our default network mode uses a medium. This medium is also called the law of manifestation and drives us by contrasting between what we want and what we need.

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Manifesting Desire VS Subconscious Need

We all go through our lives differently but we also have tendencies like others such as wants, needs and requirements that our bodies need. Our spirit also requires these wants, needs and requirements as it is normal to feel emotional draw as well as a physical need.

Throughout our days and lives we need to understand. This is where dreams come in. Dreams are a way of our minds using the downtime our bodies require for rest to highlight some major requirements or needs in our conscious mind. Our psychological make up causes our default network mode to work out these kinks.

So dreams are mental patterns we see while we sleep. Although science has a hard time of putting together what dreams are, I find this theory works best for me. Now everyone has a different opinion on the matter but it’s all about understanding. Understanding what is best for us and although our minds have a screwed up way of presenting this material, it is necessary for understanding what we want and what we need.

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