Chocolate And Valentines

A Day For Love

Puppy Dog and Cat lay next to each other comfortably and content
Cat and Dog Love

What do the image above say to you? Does it speak of two different types of animals showing content for one another? Does it say that two different types of animals can never get along? Does one look at this picture and see how animals, no matter the types of animals they may be; can get along?

This day and age we do not see much love for each other. We rather speak of others downfalls rather than their specialities. Instead of seeing and highlighting their qualities, we only see their downfalls as problems, let downs and unreliability.

In some cases this may be true and there is credit due where credit is due. Of course if we look at the picture above, what do we see? A cat and dog immersed in each other’s company, invading each other’s spaces (the dog invading the cats more so).

Cat, dog and another dog in image while on a bed
Valentines 2022

I am an animal lover personally and thought today would be a great day to write about animal love. We sometimes forget that animals show love and appreciation for love received will cause them to be your best friend forever.

The image above is my cat Chandler, dog Knecko and my buddy Ricco. Today is Riccos birthday and another reason for writing this article today.

"Smile shines,
As tail wags excited;
I never knew what you seen,
I still don't understand your loyalty"

The pictures above represent how true love can exist and does exist. Let me explain of course where I am coming from with this blog. A bit of background on the history of these animals featured above.

Love Is Eternal

First off, let me tell you about the cat known as Chandler. He is a grey, dark cat who is about three years old. He comes from a animal shelter (which we donate to whenever possible).

Chandler came here at the age of two years old where he wouldn’t go near anyone. He would hide away in our basement for months and only coming up into the house for food and water. Chandler was abused and it was noticeable right from the start.

After a year of working to get close to Chandler and letting him know we wasn’t going to hurt him, he took to the newest member of our family.

After bringing Knecko into our family, Chandler took to him and still loves the new puppy dog. My girlfriend got Kencko from a friend and along with Chandler and Ricco, we couldn’t be happier.

Strength Tarot Card from Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Strength Tarot Card

3 responses to “Chocolate And Valentines”

  1. I absolutely love this post baby, and I love you and all 3 of our furry little animals with every beat in my heart, you truly are sent to me from heaven and I will never let you go. Love you baby xoxo

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    1. Thanks for the love baby! I love you too and Happy Valentines Day 💝

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      1. Happy valentines day gorgeous

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