The Gibbous Moon In Cancer

The Gibbous Phase February 12th, 2022 1212

Lava Lamp edited and glitched image
Gibbous Phase

During this phase the moon is currently in Cancer. With this phase and during the gibbous moon we can expect to find ourselves emerged in creative arts and enterprising. Follow your goals and desires to achieve your results.

With the waxing period of this phase we can expect to find our desires easier to manifest and grow during this period. The waxing moon has an ability to increase your chances for manifesting new ventures.

Lava lamp edited and manipulated for effect image
Moon In Cancer
The Moonlight Shines

During this phase we also find family taking on importance with the moon in Cancer. The Cancer sign allows us to indulge in the home life during it’s reign over the moon. This gibbous phase is a good time to work on family matters and give hope to the home life.

With the moon in Cancer you will be feeling protective of your home and family life, as well as protective over yourself. You want to be cared for and nutured during this phase and encouraged to find this at home as well.

The crab is one with a shell and carries his home everywhere he goes. Therefore, a home like state of being will occur during this phase, encapsulated in family and life away from social endeavors.

Moonlight shining during a dark night lighting the night sky and ocean in this splash image
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