Age Of Aquarius

Blue Moon Rising

Candle burning and edited with a cartoon like effect with dark colors and shades
Candle Light Burning

Today is February 3rd, 2022 and although it’s been a while since I last posted, I have been busy. I find writing and creating new material can take time. I use many different applications available today through Google Play as well as the Apple Istore.

First off, we are currently experiencing a new moon during this phase of the moon. Not only is this a new moon but since we had a new moon at the beginning of January and at the end, makes this a Blue Moon. I found out this useful information when reading a book I purchased online at Amazon. The book titled “Moon Magic by Aurora Kane” was very helpful when I started my quest for understanding the moon and it’s phases. Moon Magic” is a book I still read today and obtain new information everytime I read the book. Get Moon Magic” online at Amazon today and explore the moon with all it’s phases.

♓ Moon In Pisces ♓

Glitched lava lamp image manipulated and edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Lava Lamp Glitched

During the new moon and at it’s beginning, we seen the sun and moon under the star Aquarius which ushers in the “Age Of Aquarius”. During this time we should expect to see love and understanding. Empathy for others as well as animals and all living beings. This is the age for reason and knowledge as well as spiritual understanding. One word is required: “Unity”.

During this day of February 3rd, 2022, the day after groundhog day; we see the moon in Pisces ♓ and the sun in Aquarius. Today you will experience the need to withdraw from the crowd into your own bubble. This is necessary for inner reflection and understanding of one’s self. Understanding one’s true self and this is the time to reflect.

Tomorrow during February the 4th, 2022 we will experience the last day of the Mercury Retrograde. After this we will experience a release and will be able to break out of our bubble with true understanding of one’s self. This was required to move ahead with the new age of understanding one’s self as well as others; truly.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Candle Light Burning on a window pane during 2021 and edited for spell caster image
Spell Cast #0909

Knowledge And Practice

Edited image of window that is manipulated and glitched for effect of final image with brown light shades
Image Glitched 0909

During this blue moon take time to remind yourself that you are important to everyday life and the events going on. If your feeling down, hurt or filled with regret; let it go. Move on and into a brighter light thay is the New Age, The Age Of Aquarius. Where we can begin to look back at our mistakes and ungodly endeavors, in order to move ahead. Move towards a better life that is good for us and our future.

Remember to check out Moon Magic” by Aurora Kane. Available on Amazon and has useful information about different cultures and how we view the moon over the years. History shows us that even during cultivating plants, the moon phases are important. “Moon Magichas all the details you need to understand the moon and it’s phases.

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2 responses to “Age Of Aquarius”

  1. You’ve given me some reason to look forward to this month of February. I’m a Pisces so how should I interpret that notion?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With the sun in Pisces you can expect a more sensitive and compassionate mode of interaction with others.

      Liked by 1 person

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